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Carpal tunnel syndrome and methods of treatment

If the median nerve in the hand suffers constant pressure for some reason, it results in pain, and sometimes even in numbness and paralysis of the hand in question. Any action that requires repetitive motion of the hand or some finger might result in this problem, which is called carpal tunnel syndrome. It is not very easy to diagnose it, because the main symptoms that indicate it are present in a number of other conditions as well, which is the reason why it is often misdiagnosed. However, once the specialist confirms that the patient suffers from carpal tunnel syndrome, the treatment will be focused on relieving the pain and numbness in the first place, which is why corticosteroid injections might be prescribed sometimes. Afterwards, the treatment will be focused on regaining the strength and ability to move and use the hand in question, which will be achieved with the help of some exercises. Wearing night splints might help as well. Surgery will be suggested only if the condition is so serious that no other treatment method will help.

Can acupuncture really help in cases of carpal tunnel syndrome?

Since acupuncture is an ancient Chinese method of treatment of various health problems, it can be applied in cases of this problem as well. The point of the acupuncture therapy will be to improve the moving of the blood and energy (qi) in the affected area, because Chinese medicine sees the cause of this problem in their stagnation. A number of acupuncturists claims that their patients cured their condition, including even those who needed the surgery, which further implies that it might be a good idea to consider acupuncture if diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome.

Still, the fact is that there is not enough scientific evidence regarding the long-term benefits, but on the other side, there are no reports of any negative effects, either. One thing is sure, though, when it comes to relief and improvement of the symptoms and problems that carpal tunnel syndrome causes, the truth is that they will definitely be experienced and what is more, they will be experienced in a very short time. There are studies that confirm this fact, and what’s more, they even confirm that the benefits of acupuncture are actually similar to the benefits that steroids can provide in such cases. So, if a person does not tolerate steroids very well, acupuncture might be an adequate alternative.

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