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When it comes to the use of magnetic bracelets and theirbeneficial effect on our body, several studies have been conducted in order todetermine if the they have any beneficial effects at all, and the answer ispositive. Unfortunately these results have not been accepted by medicine, but,regardless of this fact, there are many people who use these bracelets and who havestated that they felt certain benefits of it. This text will discuss on thisissue. These bracelets, based on magnetic fields have been used in alternativemedicine and therapy. The use of magnetic fields comes from the belief that itcan have several beneficial effects on human body and several magnets withiron, nickel and cobalt are used during this therapy. The instruments that canbe used by this therapy are very various in shapes and depend on the need.

Magnetic bracelet treatment

Magnetic bracelets have been used in China, India,Egypt and many other countries. The treatment with them is found tobe very interesting by some people, and the process can be described in twoways. One theory states that the use of magnetic bracelets produces theincrease of blood flow, because the iron from the blood is affected bymagnetism. Other theory states that negative and positive electrical chargeneed to be balanced in our system, because if the balance is impaired, problemsoccur. These problems include metabolic disorders, pain, organ malfunction andmany others. When magnetic therapy is used, according to the theory thebalance can be restored and when this is created the problems will go away.


Many specialists claim that magnetic therapy can helpwith the pain experienced, while problems such as inflammation and body celldegeneration can be eliminated with the use of negative field. Several otherconditions such as arthritis, headaches, migraine and others, are thought tobe eliminated by magnetic therapy. The use of magnetic therapy has proved to beextremely successful in treating headaches and insomnia. If the magnetic fieldis placed on the head, it can bring calmness. Problems, such as incontinenceand bone fracture which do not need to heal, are the ones in which magneticbracelets can help. However everything stated in this text should be takenwith extreme reserve, since none of the effects and benefits has beenscientifically proved yet it has been stated by the people who have usedmagnetic therapy. If you decide to use this way of treatment we stronglyadvise you first discuss it with your doctor.

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