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Medical identification tag is a small emblem worn on theclothes, neck chain or on the bracelet which provides important medicalinformation about the wearer. Usually, information is about important medicalcondition this person suffers from, and which might be critical to know incertain situations. Emergency staff, paramedics and doctors who respond to emergency calls always look for such tags, in case the person is not old enoughor conscious to give complete information about his or hers condition.

Why are Medical Bracelets Useful

Medical alert bracelets are a form of these tags, containingcrucial information. At first, diabetic patients were the only ones to use thesebracelets, but after a while many people realized how important is to have importantmedical info handy. These bracelets are very helpful when the medical personnelneed to evaluate the patient’s condition very quickly or to resuscitatehim/her.

In some cases, not wearing the bracelet might cause furtherproblems. For instance, diabetic patient may fall on the street on aparticularly hot afternoon. If he or she is not wearing a medical alert bracelethe/she might be misdiagnosed and treated for the heat shock. Medical staff won’t knowthat he is in diabetic coma if there is no information about diabetes at hand.

Medical bracelets are also great to ensure proper medicaltreatment and prevent any potential medical errors when a patient is admittedor discharged from the hospital.

Because of all before mentioned everyone should wear medicalbracelets, regardless of their age or medical condition. It is suited for men, women and children of both sexes, too.

What’s on Bracelets

Medical jewelry has an official symbol, known as UniversalEmergency Medical Alert Symbol and it can be engraved, red, pink or blue. Additionalengravings may include vital information about your medical condition,allergies, specific information for the emergency technicians, your and/or yourdoctor’s name and contact phone number.

Medical Alert Bracelets as Jewelry

For people wearing medical alert bracelet, it is a life saverand a piece of jewelry at the same time. In case of emergency, there issome life-saving information on the bracelet, but there is no need for them notto be fashionable and cool.

These can be attractive for anyone, and there are plenty ofdifferent styles and designer medical bracelets available on the market thesedays. Choose the one that you like and suit your own personal style. Some arebeaded, or they may even have natural gemstones, Swarovski crystals or sterlingsilver. Children who have chosen their own medical bracelets will show them offto their friends, instead being bullied because of being different.

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