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Introduction to the Magnetic Therapy

In order to understand this kind ofalternative medicine, you need to change your attitudes towards thefunctioning of the human body. Namely, you need to accept that ourbody contains electrical cells, which serve a function ofestablishing a healthy balance in our organism. When we are injured,suffer from infections or certain diseases, this balance isdisrupted. However, by modifying the electrical cells, we caninfluence this flow of energy, helping our organism heal better andfaster.

This is where the magnetic therapycomes in. Basically, through exposure of our body to certain magneticmaterials, we can stimulate better circulation and speed up therecovery process.

Restoration of balance is crucial. It can beachieved by equaling positive and negative polarities of eachnegatively affected cell in any problematic part of our body.Magnetic field can achieve this balance by stimulating certainchanges in our body.

These are the basic principles uponwhich magnetic therapy functions. It can block one's pain, make thewhole recovery process faster and bring many other benefits.

Types of Magnetic Therapy

There are different types of magnetsused in this therapy. There are those which have separatedpolarities, positive being on one end of the magnet and negativebeing on the other and those which have both polarities on a singleside. Logically, different magnets are used for different purposes asthey both have a unique effect.

In order for the magnetic therapy towork, one needs to be exposed to the right kind of magnets, havingthe correct spacing, strength, thickness and number of units. Thebest way of indulging into this alternative medicine is throughpurchasing jewelry with magnetic properties.

For those suffering from arthritis,copper magnetic bracelets are the best choice. For back, shoulder,neck and head aches, stainless steel bracelets are optimal and showthe best results. Stainless steel anklets are made for relieving oneof pain and healing problems related to ankles, legs, feet etc.

For the neck area, there are also tightnecklaces with magnets made of hematite beads. These look fashionableand can be worn without fearing that anyone will know their truepurpose. Thus, you can look stylish while indulging into the therapy.

These are the basics related to thistherapy. The next logical step for you to take is to pick out amagnetic piece of jewelry suiting your needs best and try it out.There is no doubt that you will be amazed by the effect.

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