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Several alternative treatments for fibromyalgia are available today and their popularity is on a steady climb. One of such alternatives is magnetic therapy, which can be very useful when fibromyalgia symptoms are concerned. But there are many unanswered questions concerning this therapy, and in the following lines, we will try to provide the best information on the magnetic therapy for fibromyalgia.

We will see first what this therapy really involves. Electrical current and energy of magnets are used during this treatment, which stimulates the cells, thus bringing better mental and physical healing. The magnetic therapy can be used in hospitals and even at your home, but in hospitals the doctors use specialized electromagnetic equipment while items like magnetic jewelry, pillows, mattresses and similar, can be used at home. Magnets have came a long way and we can see their use in many ancient countries, such as Greece and China, where this therapy was used for treating illnesses, diseases and other health problems.

Fibromyalgia and Magnetic Therapy

Benefits of magnetic therapy on the patients with fibromyalgia have been researched on the University of Virginia, were they have been confirmed. This study involved 94 participants with fibromyalgia who underwent different types of magnetic therapy. There were four groups of participants. The first group was involved with the low magnetic field of the whole body, while the second had to use magnetic pads while sleeping. The third was involved with the altering intensity of the magnetic therapy and the fourth group had no magnetic treatment and continued with the usual treatment plan. After the period of six months, the third group who used magnetic pads experienced reduced amount of tender points and pain severity. But there was another study conducted on the efficiency of the magnetic therapy and this study stated that this therapy develops no effect and benefits so there is a contradiction following this therapy.

Safety And Costs

The magnetic therapy as a way of treatment is not yet approved by the FDA, so before deciding on this therapy make sure to consult your doctor. Also, know that you should not use magnetic therapy if you have defibrillator, pacemaker or some other device implanted. Some say that seizures may appear due to the longer use of this therapy, but generally the long-term effects are unknown at this point. One session of magnetic therapy ranges from 160 to 200 dollars, while magnetic mattresses cost from 200 to 500 dollars. Bracelets and other magnetic jewelry cost from 15 to 100 dollars while you will have to pay approximately 100 dollars for the magnetic pillow.

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