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Arthritis Management

People suffering from arthritis complain about the pain anddiscomfort in some or all joints in the body. This condition might also affectmuscles, ligaments and bones around the joints. Arthritis could be caused by aging and wearing of the joints or by imperfections in the immune system. Therefore,we can differentiate rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Conventional medicine uses painkillers, corticosteroids,anti-rheumatic and irritant creams to treat arthritis pain. Alternative healerssuggest acupuncture, copper bracelets, glucosamine bracelets and TENS(transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation).

Copper and Arthritis

Although it doesn’t’ seem that metal or gem bracelets andamulets can do anything for your health many people still use these. They areusually believed to affect the energy in your body and because of that cure orrelieve many medical conditions.

Copper is one of the essential minerals in the body and itmust be consummated by the food. It is necessary for normal functioning of theimmune system and the heart. Our body wouldn’t be able to use any iron or zincfrom the food without the copper. Scientists discovered that people sufferingfrom premature gray hair usually suffer from lack of copper in the body.

Since the Bronze Age copper was used to make some jewelry. OldGreeks used it as bracelets and claimed to relieve aches and pains in the bonesand joints. There must be something in that claim, because recent studies revealthat food rich in copper really affects the joint inflammation. However, there areno objective studies that proved positive effects of copper in arthritis therapy.

Nevertheless, people using these bracelets believe and feelthat they are helpful and still continue using them. Manufacturers of copperbracelets advertise their products as 100% certain pain remedies for arthritis,but, no one can say that it really helps.

Several theories might be useful to explain the potentialeffect of copper to arthritis joint inflammation. Some believe that copper fromthe bracelets can be absorbed into the body and then transfer red to inflamed joints.The sweat is believed to soak up the copper and helps it transport in the bodyand to the joints. Another theory is closely connected with acupuncture, andclaims that copper stimulates acupuncture spots and therefore regulates arthritispain. There are more theories, including the one about copper improving theblood circulation.

If you are suffering from arthritis, consult your doctor. He/shewill explain everything about the copper bracelets and its effect to arthritisaches and pains. You might also want to consult other people suffering from thesame problem, if they are using these products and find it helpful.

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