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Healthy Foods

If you want to lead a healthy life and have a healthy body, one of the most important parts of this agenda is proper diet and nutrition. Also, rest and exercising have some influence as well, but eating right may pose some problems to those who have issues with discipline because proper nutrition demands it. But if you manage to accomplish these ways, you will have a body with improved well-being and physical condition. There are some issues regarding the things that should be consumed and how much to make it a healthy meal, but there is no universal rule for this. Factors, such as medical history, weight, height and structure of the body will determine the nutrition that would be healthy for you. You have to consume the calories and nutrients that your body needs for the day but you also have to find out what foods suit you.


People say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so do not skip it. Take a wholesome breakfast and know that your body needs regular meals, so never miss dinner or lunch. Moderation is the key so try to eat in this way. The situation when you eat in boredom or because you need to fill some empty space in the stomach needs to be avoided and reversed if you find yourself in it. Find something else to do with your time, some hobby, for example. Avoid eating the same meals and include a lot of variations because this can become tedious after a while. This will also provide a good intake of proteins, minerals, fats, nutrients and other essential substances, which are not present in every piece of food.

Some foods have certain nutrients, while other foods have other nutrients so you have to change the things you eat in order to consume all the necessary nutrients. Things you need to eat are cultured and fermented products (such as yogurt and curd), dairy products and whole grains. Also, we all know that fresh fruits and vegetables are very beneficial for the human body and we can also add nuts and sprouts to the list. Avoid red meat and eat poultry and fish. Foods that need to be avoided are non-organic and processed foods, while organic and unprocessed foods are advised. Health can be impaired by the flavors and artificial preservatives in processed food, which is also low in nutrients. Always prefer whole grain pasta, brown bread and brown rice to pasta, white bread and white rice.

Microorganisms, wax and other harmful layers need to be removed so you have to wash the food thoroughly. It is best to eat raw or steamed foods because processing eliminates nutrients. Go online and get many recipes that you can try out and remember that you can add turmeric to the meal. The consummation of harmful foods, like fried chicken, chips, cheese, butter and others, has to be limited but not eliminated from the nutrition. Eat the same things as before, but the intake must be limited. By chewing the food properly you will aid the digestion.

Try to consume natural juices, butter milk and milk, but avoid coffee, tea, sodas and similar liquids. Also, water is very important so drink no less than 2 liters a day. Intake of alcohol should be prohibited or limited to a glass a day. The digestion process can be aided with a lemon juice after a dinner and a short walk. The dinner needs to be consumed three or four hours before bed, and remember that you should not eat during the night.

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