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One of the ever present topics iscertainly that of healthy and unhealthy food, what is good for us and whetheror not junk food does us more harm than just satisfying our stomachs. Does itmake any difference if we eat healthy food and follow healthy diet plans?

Well, the answer is quite expectedly –YES! There simply isn’t anything better than a healthy diet that can make usfeel different and look different. But don’t raise your eyebrow momentarily,for the changes that you may have to make in your regular diet don’t have to becolossal. Results are there even if those changes are small. Some are evenevident at the very outset, for example, you can be more in control of yourbody weight, you’ll feel more energetic every day and enjoy in physicalactivities more. Also many studies have shown that food can, to a large extent,influence your present mood. Thus, a well balanced diet will not only get youback on the right track, but will also provide your brain with all thenecessary food for the thought.

Among those benefits which aren’t that evidentand therefore may not attract your immediate attention, are the those whichhealthy diet has for the treatment of heart diseases, high cholesterol andblood pressure, strokes, certain types of cancer and osteoporosis, all of thembeing the conditions, which most often occur when you get pass 40 years of agemark. Since very few people pay close attention to healthy food, and dueto the lack of zeal when it comes to doing some additional personal scaleresearch, the best way to be sure that the food you are buying is healthy is tobuy a few food items from all of the basic food groups. To make the thingseasier, in continuation you can get additional and more detailed information oneach of these groups.

1. Cereals (bread, pasta, rice etc.) provide carbohydrates,important energy sources

2. Meat and fish (chicken, red meat, fish etc.) provide allthe essential proteins

3. Fruit and vegetables are rich in nutrition’s, vitamins,minerals and carbohydrates

4. Dairy (milk, cheese, yogurt) have in abundance calcium,crucial for the proper development and healthy bones, teeth and nerves

5. Water somehow slips everyone’s mind, though it is themost important drink we need. More than two glasses of water will do you andyour body a lot of good.

If all this has got your attention and gotyou interested in how all this works in practice, perhaps it is the right timeto try and bring some novelties into your daily eating habits. Some of thesuggestions are to have one piece of fruit a day to complement your meal, andto add two glasses more to your daily water schedule. You might want to givethose low fat recipes a chance, as well as to healthy breakfast, which doeswonders, and according to research, helps young people maintain a healthy weightand be more energetic. Instead of that plain white bread, opt for whole meal orwhole grain one, and try to avoid fat by choosing to grill meat, instead offrying it. Be especially careful with saturated fat and try to limit itsconsumption as much as possible. Also, choose food low in salt, as well as insugar.

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