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What is the importance of breakfast? Many say that it is the most important meal in a day, but somehow most of us simply skip it. Saying that there is not much time in the morning for a breakfast is not a good answer and certainly not a good thing for our health.


Why is breakfast important? First and foremost, it should be a first meal in a day after several hours of sleeping, so it should provide us with enough energy for daily activities and also it should replenish lost reserves. After sleeping, there are also substances built up in stomach that should be eliminated fast, and that is done with food (usually with included fruits like grapefruit), which are good in eliminating free radicals from our bodies. Of course, breakfast should be a healthy meal and it should include all nutrients, but mostly carbs, since those are needed as energy source. Actually, energy intake with breakfast should be at the highest level, and that level should decrease with each next meal. It is important for a breakfast to contain glucose levels, since that is a nutrient that brain needs the most, and if it is not present, tiredness, sleepiness, even exhaustion might occur.

Breakfast and diets

There is not one diet in a world that will say to skip the breakfast, because you do not need it! On the contrary, eating breakfast ensures us those calories taken with that meal will definitely be lost while performing our daily duties. Also, breakfast will not allow hunger to emerge in some time, although the diets emphasize taking at least 5 smaller meals, in order to reduce weight and eliminate the hunger (which is a diet enemy number one).

Cereal, fruit, grain waffles, bagel with low fat butter (peanut butter, too), egg omelet, fresh orange juice (or orange), ham, grilled veggies, these all can be used to create a tasty meal, since they contain all needed nutrients, minerals, vitamins and enough energy until the next meal comes. It might be a problem getting up early and preparing it because we all like to sleep those extra 20 minutes, but the benefits are simply too positive to be left out.

What not to do

Do not skip breakfast and if you do eat it, please do not exaggerate. Breakfast might be the most important meal, but that does not mean you can eat as much as you want. Moderate is the key, in all situations in life, not just meals.

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