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Tiredness after eating sugar

There are a lots of people who have a problem of feeling tired after they have consumed bread, sugar, sweets and chocolates. Lethargy is even present with some people. There are also people who are sleepy after they have eaten sweets. These people wonder why is it so and there are several reasons for it. It is common that a person feels tired every once in a while after he or she has consumed a large meal rich in starch and sugar. However, when it becomes a habit there is a need for worry.

Causes of tiredness after eating sugar

Increased metabolismIn most cases when a person feels tired after eating sugar there is no need for medications. The tiredness will cure on its own. It is normal that a person feels tired after the consumption of pastas or pastries. The reason why this occurs is because lots of sugar gives the body the feeling of heightened energy and then the metabolism rate in the body increases. However, once the sugar is gone a person will feel tired and sleepy.

Increased insulinWhen a person eats sugar, the brain creates a chemical called serotonin. This chemical is an actual neurotransmitter which is connected with sleep and depression. Serotonin is good because it helps a person sleep better at night. Pancreas functions are triggered once a person intakes sugar because the blood sugar levels start to rise. Once the pancreas is active, it will create more insulin which will create a protein block in the body and that block helps the production of serotonin.

Sugar sensitivityPeople who are sensitive to sugar are more likely to feel tired and sleepy after its intake. People who have reduced levels of serotonin and beta-endorphin are sugar sensitive. Low levels of these two neurotransmitters can cause tiredness after lunch. If a person lacks some nutrients or has a poor diet it can be the cause of tiredness after eating sugar.

Diabetes and infectionsDiabetes is probably the most common cause of tiredness after eating sugar. If a person notices some of the symptoms of this illness it is important that he or she goes to a doctor. Apart from diabetes, disorders like severe allergies and Candida infections can cause tiredness after eating sugar.

There are some things a person can do in order to prevent this from happening. A healthy diet and lots of exercises are a good way to start.

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