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Problems with facial hair

All women have the hairs on theirface, but that is usually not a problem because they are not visible. There arewomen with noticeable hairs on their face and the affected areas are usuallychin, upper lip and forehead. This can be a problem for a woman because shewants to look pretty and that is hard with hairs on her face. There are severalways to remove them, and here we will tell you all about each, so that youcould decide which way is the best for you.


This is a common way for gettingrid of unwanted hair, and there are two varieties, hot and cold wax, both ofwhich can be easily found in the store. The usage of wax is quite simple; youshould apply the wax on the part of the skin where your unwanted hairs are.After that, put hair removal strip on the same area and press it smoothly onthe applied wax. Pull the strip fast in the direction opposite to hair growth.You can do this anywhere on the face from where you want to remove hairs, butif you experience some changes on the skin after waxing, don’t repeat thismethod again.


You can bleach those dark hairsthat bother you, and this method will make your hairs lighter and not sovisible. The process must be done several times, because you won’t getdesirable outcome if it is done only once. However, the method is not effectivewhen it comes to hair that is thick, which is usually located on the neck andupper lip.

Tweezing & Threading

These ways of eliminating facialhair are also used particularly when it comes to eyebrows, and sometimes chinand upper lip. If you want to remove your hair by doing this, you will have toarm yourself with patience because it will probably last long. You must knowthat the effects of this method can last from 14 days to 6 weeks.


These chemicals destroy a hair,but only the visible part of it, and not the part under the skin. Because ofthis, the effect of this method lasts only couple of days. A depilatory shouldbe tested on skin before the usage, because it can cause allergies, so, if youexperience changes on the skin while testing depilatory, don’t use it.


This is very effective way to getrid of hairs for good. Here, electric current passes through your hair root andit destroys it, and for this procedure you will have to spend a lot of moneyand maybe even repeat it few times, because some roots may not be destroyed thefirst time.

Laser Hair Removal

This is the most effective way toget rid of your facial hair. The hair can grow again, but after six months ormore. It also destroys root of the hair, but the problem is that it is suitableonly for those who have light skin. This process has to be done by someone whohas the knowledge and experience in laser method.

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