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In today’s culture more and more body hair becomes undesirable. Fifty years ago women only shaved their armpits and sometimes legs, but today they remove the hair from the arms, the face, the back, stomach, and other parts. It seems that perfectly smooth, baby-like skin is an imperative and everyone wants to learn about best ways to remove unwanted hair.

About hair

Hair is a biomaterial that grows from the skin and has two parts. One part is the hair follicle, hidden beneath the skin, from which the hair grows. Each hair has its own follicle, but sometimes abnormalities occur, like two or more hairs from one follicle or a hair trapped beneath the skin, within the follicle itself. The other part is called the shaft, and it is a hard filamentous thread that extends above the skin.

The shaft consists of the cuticle with multiple layers of cells overlapping like roof shingles, and the cortex with keratin bundles.

Hair grows almost everywhere on the body. In some parts it is very fine and almost invisible, and in others it is quite long, hard and thick.

Undesired body hair problems and solutions

Every person decides for his or herself what is considered unwanted body hair. However, for most people, unwanted body hair is the hair on the legs, arms and armpits. Many women consider facial hair to be unwanted, except for the eyebrows, and they also remove some or all of the hair from the pubic area.

Body hair removal comes in many different forms. Some of them are more successful than others, and some are very painful. In addition, each of the methods of hair removal comes with certain downsides.

For example, shaving often causes the new hair to be very thick, sharp and scratchy. Razor burns and cuts are another undesired effect of shaving. Waxing can be very painful, especially if done on sensitive body parts such as the groin, the pubic area and the armpits. It also causes redness and ingrown hair.

Except for laser removal and electrolysis, all of the hair removal methods are only temporary.

Whatever method a person chooses to adopt, there are tips and tricks that make the hair removal less problematic and frustrating.

For shaving, it is important to always use a new, sharp blade and to shave in the direction in which the hair grows. This will minimize cuts, razor burns and ingrown hair.

As for the waxing, it is recommended to exfoliate and to soften the skin by soaking it in some warm water before the procedure. After waxing the area should be splashed with cold water to minimize redness and to close the pores.

Those who use depilatory creams should always use the products that are trusted and safe. These creams sometimes cause irritation and allergic reactions which is why a patch tests should always be used. If the hair is too long, it should be trimmed before using depilatory creams.

Finally, the best way to overcome all the problems related to the removal of body hair is to use a permanent solution, such as laser removal or electrolysis. These methods may be expensive and require several sessions, but they guarantee the permanent removal of unwanted hair.

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