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Thehair might be the richest ornament of the women (as Martin Luter once said), butthere are some parts of our body which are better left hairless.

Thishas made both men and women to apply a procedure called"waxing". Waxing, compared to shaving is longer-lasting, convenient,cost-effective and quicker method of removing body hair. Becausewaxing removes hair from the roots, the effect lasts longer. After you removed body hair, you don’t need towax for at least 3 to 6 weeks.

Usualand "most wanted" areas of waxing are hair on the arms and legs,underarms and bikini line. Also, wax canbe applied to the face, eyebrows and chin, and in some cases to the chest andback. Eyelashes and the insides of the ears and nose should not be waxed.

Donot allow an unqualified person to wax your genitals or nipples. Thoseparts of the body are extremely sensitive and vulnerable.

Why Waxing?

Besideabove given reasons, the benefits are:

Theeffect of smooth skin lasts much longer. You don’t have to worry for weeksabout body hair showing up.Thismethod induces no skin damage, like cuts, pigmentation or badly smells on theskin. Hair-removing creams and shaving cause skin problems.Afterwaxing, hairs grow finer and softer.Waxinghas exfoliating effect to the skin. It removes the layer of dead skin cells,leaving the skin soft and smooth.Onemore reason for waxing is that it reduces hair growth, so much that some peopleusing wax for many years noticed that their hair even stopped growing.

How to Do It?

Youcould do waxing at your home or in a professional beauty salon.

Warmthe wax until it has a consistency of the honey. Apply a thin layer to the skin,following the direction of the hair growth. Then, put a cotton cloth or apaper strip on the wax and press for a second. Hold the skin and quickly pullthe wax strip against the hair growth. It hurts, but the pain doessubside after you have done it couple of times. For most, the silky smoothskin is enough of a reason to tolerate the unpleasantness of the process.


Redness,skin irritation and bumps may occur right after waxing, but usually last for only acouple of hours.

Avoidexposing the area to direct sunlight foe a day or two before and after the waxing. After the waxing,those parts might still be tender, so avoid body scrubs for aday.

Waxingis not recommended in the mole covered areas of the skin, irritated skin or if you areusing vitamin A in creams or tablets (Differin, Retin A, Isoretinoin).

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