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Nowadays, it is regarded trendy to remove the pubic hair and current cultural taste almost dictates it when women are in question. There are other reasons for removing pubic hair other than aesthetic that some people may mention. In example, it may also be more comfortable and more hygienic to be smooth down there than to have a bush. There are two widely known methods for pubic hair removal.

These are waxing and shaving. Shaving is a common choice for most beginners as it requires only a (readily available) razor and shaving foam and does not involve exposure of intimate body parts to strangers, as being waxed by a professional. Waxing, on the other hand, voids risk of unpleasant cuts and razor burns.

Many people, particularly those who plan to do it for the first time (usually young people) are wondering which method is the best, as both have their advantages and disadvantages. There is no correct answer, as it is truly a matter of personal preference. One method will suit you fine, while other may not, and it finally comes down to experimenting and trial and error.

Shave it

Shaving pubic hair is easy, taken that you have some practice. For beginners, who may find it complicated, here are some advices. First, use only a clean and sharp razor for shaving. Second, trim your pubic hair to acceptable length before shaving. You can use scissors, electric razor or electric trimmer. Do this carefully, as you may cut yourself as easy as with a razor, as skin in pubic area is gentle. Then, take a quick, warm shower of your pubic area, to dampen and soften the hair. Lather it with shaving foam or shaving gel. Now you are ready to shave. Go along the line of hair growth to avoid ingrown hair. Keep it cool and steady, don't be nervous. Once you are done, wash the excess foam away, soap and wash the shaved region.

Wax it

Waxing keeps pubic hair gone for a longer period of time and new hair grows less coarse than shaved hair, so many people opt for waxing. There are waxing kits for personal use, but it might be a better idea to let a professional do it for the first time. Waxing procedure involves adequate layering of hot wax on cotton cloth, applying it to the area to be waxed, letting it dry and removing it (along with the unwanted hair) in a single swoop, which takes a practiced hand. So, it is best to watch and learn for the first time and put newly gained knowledge to use later.

Other hair removal methods are by depilatory creams or by laser hair removal, and can be applied to pubic hair as well.

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