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Facial Moles Characteristics

Having a mole on the face may be attractive for some people, while, at the same time, it can be a pestering nightmare for the others. Namely, moles can be large, or strange looking, making them ill fitting on a person's face, causing him/her to want to get it removed. Moreover, if males have facial moles, there is a high likelihood that they will accidentally cut them off while shaving. This can irritate the mole, potentially causing many health problems. All in all, living with facial moles is not easy. They bother you when you are putting on your clothes , when you are applying cosmetics or shaving, they hurt when they are irritated by any external sources. Now, once a person decides to remove a mole, biopsy needs to be done to check it for any malign characteristics since all moles are tumors in nature, some being benign and harmless while the others being signs of something more serious going on.

The Facial Mole Removal Process

There are several different ways of mole removal. Some of them require a surgical procedure, during which an anesthesia is given to the patient. Then, the mole is removed by cutting into the skin around it and detaching it from one's face. This, however, has to be done carefully, since any mistakes may cause complications or create scars which will be too noticeable later, causing yet another aesthetic problem for the patient. This is why removing moles is not recommended unless there are good reasons behind it. With facial moles, especially on men who shave, removal is a commonly practiced option.

Sometimes, the moles are rooted quite deep into the patient's skin. Then, the surgeon, naturally needs to cut deeper into the skin creating a larger wound which is stitched after the removal, both on the outside and the inside.

An alternative approach involves removing the moles by cutting them off with a scalpel. This is effective for moles which are superficial on the skin and contain no additional mole cells under the surface of one's skin. After the mole is cut, the area is electrically stimulated so as for the bleeding to stop.

Laser removal is yet another option of getting rid of facial moles. This method is effective once you are dealing with shallow moles. This approach is not that painful and it ends quickly, leaving little room for errors, due to the extreme precision of the lasers.

After the procedure, you should wait about 2 weeks until the redness, scabs and irritation are gone. Then, if you have a scar, you might consider undergoing yet another procedure, where your scar will be replaced by healthy skin, making your skin you look you like never had a mole.

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