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There is a theory that steaming can be beneficial for the skin. This theory states that by exposing the skin to steam can help to cleanse the skin, improve blood circulation and thus detoxify the skin. Steaming can be performed in several different ways; for example, you can use an electric facial sauna, a gym sauna, a hot compress, or, you can simply pour some boiled water into a pot and hold your face over it.


Steaming can help thoroughly clean the pores and rid oneself on whiteheads, blackheads and pimples and can also help to remove any debris that might be resident in one’s skin. In theory performing a facial steam can widen the pores and remove impurities such as dead skin and dust. Weekly steaming is recommended as part of a facial beauty regime, since, as well as the benefits indicated above, steaming might also help soften and rehydrate skin. Improved circulation is another benefit of steaming that many will point out. However, make sure that, whilst steaming the face, you don’t get too close to the water as it may lead to broken veins.

Steaming can result in an opening of the pores, which makes it easier for blackheads to be removed, and because of the opening of the pores, it is normal for some blemishes to become apparent. This comes about as a result of the fact that impurities are being combated.

How To

If desired, you can add ingredients such as thyme, rosemary and lavender to the water in order to potentially increase the efficiency of the steaming. You can also use rose petals, mint petals, elderflower, camomile and peppermints. Steaming should take about twenty minutes and afterwards, you should use a soft towel to dry the face. Ensure that the water is not too hot as too much heat can actually be damaging to the skin. If necessary, talk to your doctor before you commit to steaming the skin.

You might also like to use a facial mask after steaming. Steaming will have opened the pores, thus allowing the mask to penetrate deep into the skin. In addition to this, try sauna or steam bathing, two effective and enjoyable methods through which one can detoxify the body. Perspiration helps rid the body of waste products and steam bathing and saunas can heighten this process. But, make sure you rehydrate afterwards as these methods can have dehydrating effects.

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