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In the past women and men did not think about body hair so much as they do nowadays. TV and fashion magazines imposed a trend that the women should not have body hair at all and even men are advised to follow the same rule. So it’s not just about removing leg hair any more, but also arms, underarms, facial hair, toes, bikini hair, in fact we basically have to remove all hair on the entire body apart from our scalp. This takes time and patience.

As far as health is concerned, in some cases where there is an excess of hair growth on a women’s body, it should not be neglected and just removed, as it could be a sign of something else. Polycystic ovarian disease or over active hormones may be contributing to the excess hair. It would be wise to have the following checked, thyroid hormones, testosterone levels and your FSH and LH female hormone levels.

Removing Your Unwanted Hair through Waxing

Waxing is not a new method of hair removal, in fact it can be dated as far back as the ancient Egyptians. They used a combination of honey, sugar and lime to remove the unsightly hair. The benefit of using waxing as a method is the fact that it pulls the hairs out of the body by the root so the re-growth of the new hair takes over four weeks. The drawback to waxing is the fact that you can feel a bit of pain and this differs with each person. It can also cause infections if it is done with an unhygienic technique. If you choose to do waxing then you should really use the throw away strips and after the procedure apply ice to stop the small red bumps from appearing.

Removing Your Unwanted Hair through Epilating

If you compare this method to waxing then you can say it is cleaner than waxing. It is also hygienic and you can complete it quite easily in the comfort of your own home. The horrid shortcoming of epilating is that it hurts, and it hurts a lot more than the waxing method.

Removing Your Unwanted Hair through Shaving

Most people will say that shaving is the easiest, quickest and most pain free method of hair removal on the market today. Set back of shawing is the hairs that just keep coming back in the most prickly, stubbly manner.

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