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Both men and women, have a problem with unwanted facial hair. On one side, women consider this problem unbearable and try to deal with excess of facial hair with many treatment options while men have the option of shaving it off or continuing to let it grow without embarrassment. The solution for excess of facial hair can be temporary or permanent. Shaving, chemical depilatory, threading and waxing only temporary remove the hair. It grows back after a certain period on time. However, laser hair removal and electrolysis are permanent solution for facial hair removal.

Facial Hair Removal for Men and Women: Temporary Solutions

Shaving is very popular among men and is actually one of the oldest techniques for facial hair removal in men. It is easy, effective and with a few side effects. There are many razors used for shaving. However, the hair regrows quickly after shaving and this option is not recommended for women since after shaving the hair becomes thicker and darker.

Chemical depilatory includes hair removal creams. It is not expensive but it only removes the hair above the skin and does not affect the roots. The effects achieved by chemical depilatory last a few days and the method needs to be repeated. Some people may be allergic to different components of depilatory creams and they may cause skin irritation. In case of these side effects depilatory creams must not be used on the face.

Threading is commonly used in women in purpose of facial hair removal. The men can use this method as well. The effects are better if hair affects small patches of skin. This makes threading more effective way of facial hair removal in women. The only problem of threading is that it is painful. The treated hair regrows after a short period of time.

And the last temporary solution for facial hair removal is waxing. It removes the hair from the roots. The effects are longer comparing to previously mentioned methods. Still, even waxing has several side effects such as skin rash, ingrown hair, inflammation of the treated skin and infection of hair follicles. Minor bleeding and allergic reactions are possible as well.

Facial Hair Removal for Men and Women: Permanent Solutions

Laser hair removal removes facial hair for good. Laser beams destroy hair follicles not allowing the hair to regrow. This method is more effective in people with dark facial hair since laser beams are attracted by melanin, a pigment responsible for dark color of the skin and hair. Laser hair removal is, therefore, almost inefficient in case of light hair.

And one more way of permanent removal of facial hair in both genders is electrolysis. Electrolysis is less expensive comparing to laser hair removal. The electric current, which is administered via a metal probe or a needle is inserted into the hair follicle, permanently destroying hair follicles. Electrolysis lasts longer since each hair is treated separately and patients usually have many sessions. Side effect of electrolysis is potential scarring and the very process may be painful.

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