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Facial hair is one of the most frustrating and embarrassing problems women have to encounter when it comes to grooming, beauty and cosmetics. Unlike legs or even arms, facial hair cannot be hidden with clothes or accessories. It is just there for everyone to stare at, and, unfortunately, judge. Some women deal with it more successfully than others, and there are those fortunate ones that do not even have any visible facial hair. On the other hand, is no secret that some of the world’s most beautiful women spend hours each week or month getting rid of those unwanted hairs.

Do all women have facial hair?

Facial hair, which usually grows above the lip, is considered to be a male trait, and it makes perfect sense that they cause a lot of stress and embarrassment.

All women have facial hair. In some, it is light and almost invisible, but in others the hairs are thick, sharp and dark. The reasons for excessive facial hair in women range from hereditary factors to hormonal changes and even certain diseases. For example, many women who have polycystic ovarian syndrome also suffer from facial hair. Excessive facial hair is also related to certain drugs and to diseases affecting the thyroid gland.

Whatever the reason behind facial hair is, most women want to get rid of it. Today there are several methods that remove unwanted facial hair with more or less success.

Methods of facial hair removal

Plucking is one of the common methods of facial hair removal. It is done with tweezers and it removes the hair from the root. This method is certainly not painless and it is also rather slow.

Epilation is similar to plucking but it is much faster since it uses an electrical device that grabs more than one hair at a time.

Some women prefer to bleach or dye their facial hair. The hairs are not pulled out or removed in any way, but they are lighter and thus less visible.

Other methods

Shaving is a popular method of hair removal, but it is less suitable for legs than for the facial hair, because after shaving the hair grows back sharper and often thicker. Also, the effects of shaving only last a several days.

Waxing of the facial hair can be done with real wax or wax substitutes and it can be cold or hot. The results last for several weeks and the hair usually grows back somewhat thinner.

Depilatory creams do not cut or pull the hair. They actually contain chemicals that destroy the follicle or the root of the hair, along with the hair itself. This is a completely painless method but it can sometimes irritate the skin.

Is permanent removal possible?

As for the permanent methods of facial hair removal, the main options are laser and electrolysis. They both give best results on women with fair complexion and dark hair, and they both require more then one session.

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