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Have you and your partner just decided to try for a baby? Congratulations! Trying to conceive can be very exciting, but most people would like to get that positive pregnancy test as soon as possible. Do you need tips to get pregnant? Well, the chances are that it will happen just fine all by itself too. But it is certainly possible to boost your odds of conceiving, and a few simple tips can help you make it happen much faster.

The first tip that we've got to share with you is one that will both increase your chances of getting pregnant sooner, and promote the health of you and your baby once you do find out that you are "with child". Making sure that your diet is a healthy and balanced one, that you get plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and eat foods from all major food groups, is good for male and female fertility. Taking a complete prenatal supplement that includes folic acid is one of the best steps you can take to ensure proper fetal development in those early weeks of pregnancy and beyond. Of course, if you smoke or drink, it is time to stop. Making sure that you know when you ovulate is the key to conceive as soon as possible.

Of all the tips to get pregnant, this is perhaps the most relevant one because there is such a small window to conceive each month that you are more likely to miss it than not, unless you know when you are fertile. Using an ovulation calendar and ovulation tests can be of great help here. Don't forget that sperm has the amazing ability to survive for a few days, and that it takes a while until those swimmers reach the egg. So having intercourse in the days before your ovulation is expected can make all the difference.

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