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If you have just started trying to conceive, you'll be hoping that you will get pregnant in a month or two. But the reality is that it usually takes slightly longer to get pregnant. Of course, conceiving on your first try is entirely possible, and many more will be marveling at their positive pregnancy test after two months especially if they accurately determined the date of the woman's ovulation and timed intercourse around it. Just how long does it take to get pregnant, for your average healthy couple who is actively trying? Couples under 35 who have been trying to conceive for longer than a year are recommended to make an appointment with their doctor. Why has that particular length of time been chosen? It's because the vast majority of couples who are having regular unprotected intercourse conceive within a year 90 percent.

When you set out on your journey of trying for a baby you can normally expect to conceive within this time frame. Three quarters will get pregnant within eight months of trying, while half will be expecting their bundle of joy within a short four months! Of course, it is worth mentioning that many factors contribute to your chances of getting pregnant. Knowing how to get pregnant paying attention to a healthy lifestyle, saying no to lifestyle choices that impair fertility, and being aware of your fertile window really does improve your chances greatly.

There is a big differences between "having unprotected sex" and "actively taking charge of your fertility, and having baby-making sex). The main one is knowing when you are actually fertile, and timing your intercourse. If getting pregnant is taking a little longer than you were hoping, the first thing to examine is whether there is anything you can do to boost your fertility and your odds of making it happen.

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