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If you are reading this, the chances are that you came to us specifically looking for tips on how to get pregnant. It is completely natural that, when you and your partner decide to try for a baby, you want it to happen as soon as possible, rather than waiting for months and months. But, how do you make it happen?

The couples who don't trust nature to help them conceive, but take a proactive approach to getting pregnant, succeed faster. Here are some tips for you.

1. Eating well, and perhaps taking prenatal vitamins with folic acid, increases fertility in both women and men. Just as the right diet can increase your fertility, unhealthy habits such as smoking, drinking, and fast food consumption, can harm fertility. Now is the time to take a closer look at what aspects of your lifestyle are positive and which ones to wave goodbye to. It is worth repeating that this goes for men, too!

2. Pinpoint your ovulation. Knowing when you are fertile is without a doubt the most important factor in enabling you to get pregnant faster. When you do not know when you ovulate, you are also unable to time intercourse appropriately. Some good methods to determine when you are ovulating are ovulation calendars, ovulation tests, and charting to conceive.

3. Have regular sex not too often, and not too little. Enjoy each other, and don't get too stressed out about getting pregnant. Don't have sex "on command" during your ovulation and then forget about being intimate, and take the time for foreplay and post-coital relaxation as well. Good sex tends to promote healthy relationships, which is really helpful when you are trying to get pregnant. Yes, that was supposed to be funny, in case you were wondering. But seriously. The temptation to just have a quickie during ovulation, rather than take time to enjoy each other, exists among many couples trying to get pregnant. Don't fall into this trap!

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