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Baby making is not such an easy task as it may seem. Many women who are trying to get pregnant testify that the process can be long and frustrating, especially because once the decision to have a baby is made; everybody wants it to happen “right now.”
There are some useful tips and tricks that can be done to enhance the chance of conceiving.
Folic acid is very important for conception and for the normal development of the fetus. It is recommended that women start taking folic acid supplements two or three months before conceiving.
Sex can often become something of a chore when a couple is trying to conceive. It should still be fun and there are many ways to keep it exciting, like making love in unusual places or at unusual times.
Many couples believe that the best way to get pregnant is to have sex every day, even a few times a day. For some it may work instantly, but for most couples this method is counterproductive. The best frequency of intercourse in the process of trying to conceive is every 48 hours. That way sex will be frequent enough to enhance the chance of conception and the time slot will also allow the sperm to be as effective as it can get.
After ejaculation, the woman should stay in bed for a few minutes. There is no need to do yoga or stand on the head, the spermatozoids will find their way to the egg even without the gymnastics. But if she immediately stands up or showers, the chances are some of the sperm will leak.
Some studies have shown that caffeine affects the fertility if taken in a quantity of more than three cups of coffee a day. It may be a good idea to drink less or no coffee or to simply switch to decaf.
Exercise is good for overall health, of course, but working out too much can actually reduce a woman’s fertility and the chances of conceiving. Too much bike riding does the same to the male partner.
Some diets, especially purging and yo-yo diets, may reduce the chance of getting pregnant.
Before trying to conceive it is important that both partners do to a thorough check-up. Sexually transmitted disease can seriously reduce the chance of getting pregnant, and there are a number of conditions that impair the fertility. Male partner should test his sperm count.
Also, a stressful living and working environment, as well as the exposure to certain harmful substances can reduce the chance of conceiving.
There are many was to calculate the time when the ovulation will occur. This can be done by keeping an accurate menstrual calendar, by controlling the cervical mucus which increases during ovulation and by measuring the base body temperature.
Baby making should be a fun and exciting, loving thing and it should be kept as natural as possible. But if a couple is trying and trying to no avail, it may be the time to see a fertility expert who will check if everything is working normally and if there are some additional steps that need to be taken.

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