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Life is pretty funny, isn't it? You spend your whole life avoiding talking about something as personal as what goes on in your bedroom, and then when you decide to try for a baby, talking about your reproductive organs, cervical mucus, your menstrual cycle and sex itself is quite normal. Of course, you need to have sex in order to get pregnant, but not just any old sex. There are things that you can do to increase your chances of making it happen this month. Here is an honest, no nonsense guide to having baby-making sex.


Be spontaneous, and enjoy yourself. Making intercourse into a chore and getting it over and done with just for the sake of having a baby will probably not do your marriage any good. If your partner starts dreading the next time, you are doing something wrong. Finish in the missionary position. Man On Top sex is more likely to produce a baby, because it gives those swimmers a head start. This does not mean you have to spend your whole "session" with the man on top. Have an orgasm. Almost every expert agrees that a female orgasm increase the chances of getting pregnant. What is not entirely clear is whether you should come before or after your partner does. Both arguments seem equally valid, so perhaps you should come before and after your partner!


Have sex too often. This can decrease your partner's sperm count. Three times a week is probably the best, and more during your fertile period. Forget to turn off your cell phone, and make sure you don't get distracted by older kids, or even worse, your employer! Being relaxed does help, doesn't it? Forget the importance of knowing when your most fertile days are. If you need some help to get started, you can use our ovulation calendar, and use it in combination with ovulation tests. Many couples also have luck with charting to conceive and cervical mucus tracking.

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