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If you made your way to our site, it's probably because you are currently trying to conceive or are thinking about taking the plunge soon and you want it to happen fast. Of course, there are couples who take a "see what happens" approach to trying to get pregnant, and who are happy if it happens now, or next year. But for one of these couples, I think there are ten who would prefer to be pregnant yesterday. In this post, we'll discuss some proactive steps you can take to speed up the conception process a little.

The mother (pun intended!) of all tips on how to get pregnant is knowing your menstrual cycle. Most women are aware that ovulation tends to take place somewhere in the middle of their cycle, half-way between their menstruation and the date the next period is expected. But thinking that you are fertile once half of your cycle has passed is not always enough. A more accurate way to know when you are ovulating is using an ovulation calendar to predict your ovulation based on your personal information not just the length of your cycle, but the average duration of your luteal phase as well. The luteal phase is the time that passed from ovulation to the next period.

Ovulation tests, which react to a hormone that only appears in the urine during ovulation, are the best confirmation that you are in fact fertile. The advantage of an ovulation calendar in addition to ovulation tests is that you can plan intercourse in the days before the Big O as well, because that might well get you pregnant. Apart from knowing when you are fertile, looking after your health by eliminating bad habits is the best step you can take. For some, that means quitting smoking and saying no to alcohol. For others, it means starting an exercise regime or eating more healthily. Women who are already health nuts just need to take a prenatal supplement, and most importantly folic acid.

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