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The condition called thrush is usually more commonly associated with females but it can be found in the male population as well. As with females it can be embarrassing and highly problematic for men. Men who have a foreskin will be more likely to suffer with thrush rather than their male counterparts who do not have a foreskin. This is because the warmth of the damp area underneath the foreskin makes an encouragable area for the condition to develop. Thrush always occurs around the area of the genitals. Therefore there is a belief that it is caused through sexual activity. However this is not always the case as it can quite as easily appear in men who are not active in their sexual life.

The Causes of Thrush in the Male Population

There is a yeast called Candida albicans, this is a micro-organism which is attracted to damp, warm areas. In the majority of cases the good bacteria in the body will prevent the yeast from over developing but in some cases the environment and balance of the good bacteria and yeast is disrupted allowing the Candida albicans to grow. Antibiotics are usually to blame for the increase in growth of the Candida albicans as the antibiotics harm the good bacteria in the body. As well as that reason, if a man has a low immune system this can also cause him to be a candidate for thrush. Some other medical conditions can also contribute to the onset on thrush such as diabetes.

The Thrush Symptoms in Men

When a man has thrush he will notice that the head of the penis becomes quite swollen and may have minute red spots that are visible around the head of the penis. He may also notice penile discharge and if the foreskin is pulled back there may also be discharge that resembles cottage cheese which will have a noticeable smell. Even though these are the most common symptoms, a man can also have thrush without experiencing these symptoms at all. If the male’s partner has thrush symptoms then it is advisable that the male also goes to the doctor to have an examination and possible treatment for thrush as well.

The Treatment for Thrush in Men

There are many great anti fungal cream that you can apply which will help to clear the thrush. However it would be more advisable to get to the root of the problem. Have drinks with good bacteria, wear cotton underwear, wash regularly, both you and your partner have regular visits to the doctor and shower straight after visiting the local pool.

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