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Adult Thrush

Adult thrush, which is known otherwise as Candidiasis, is an infection that is caused by any of the Candida species. Adult thrush attacks organs such as skin and genitals, and it can be treated quite easily in some cases, while in others it can even be life-threatening. Cases of life-threatening conditions that are caused by thrush mostly occur in patients who suffer from AIDS or cancer.

Causes of Adult Thrush

Candida has the naturally habitat in our body and in normal circumstances, it lives there without any consequences to our body. According to the studies that dealt with this topic, 20 % of Candida albicans is located in a healthy woman’s vagina. A lot of people can be thrush carriers and transfer thrush to others. Thrush symptoms can appear due to the use of some irritants such as certain soaps, and things intended to intimate hygiene. If you use antibiotics, they can kill good bacteria that fight against thrush. Some conditions present good environment to thrush development and such conditions include HIV/AIDS, mononucleosis, cancer treatments, the use of steroids, stress, and others. It is more likely for thrush to develop in woman’s vagina, and men are predisposed to yeast infection.

Thrush symptoms

Symptoms that appear when thrush is present in our body include itching, a sensation of burning and soreness. In the case of vaginal thrush, a whitish discharge appears, and in men, a red patchy sore near the head of penis appears. However, men can carry a thrush infection and yet they don’t need to have any of the mentioned symptoms.

Treatment of Adult Thrush

If you have a thrush, it is not recommended to use over-the-counter medicines, as they have only momentarily influence and don’t kill the infection completely. In clinics, thrush is cured with antimycotics, which are basically anti-fungal drugs. In most cases, thrush is normally controlled in our body and other drugs are not necessary. If thrush that has once been treated appears again, it can’t be cured with anti-fungal creams. Anti-fungal creams are not effective if thrush is reoccurring. In order to stop the infection from reoccurring, you need to solve the problem in its root. Yeastrol is a natural cure that has given excellent results in thrush curing. A lot of people who are satisfied with results in thrush treatment with Yeastrol are witnesses of its good influence on fight against thrush.

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