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Around twenty five percent of women will experience the symptoms of thrush at some stage in their lives. Thrush can be highly annoying, tiresome and exasperating. As a general rule, the symptoms of thrush can be quite easily managed via a combination of certain medications and a possible life style change. Sometimes as like any other infection, some medications just don’t work. In this case, you will need to see your doctor who can do a full examination and perhaps recommend a different approach to suit you.

The Causes of Thrush

There is a yeast named Candida albicans that causes women to feel the symptoms of thrush. Usually Candida albicans can be relatively common to come across in the vagina and most of the time causes no troubles. Thrush will start up when the Candida albicans builds up too much. The buildup is created through a number of reasons ranging from the clothes you wear, the amount of exercise you take part in, the food you eat, which perfumed toiletries you use on the body, your sexual activity and the state of your immune system. In some cases, women have stated that their sugar intake can trigger the thrush symptoms and for other women going swimming in a pool that has been chlorinated can bring on the symptoms.

The Symptoms of Thrush

The most common symptoms which women will complain about are incredible itching that will inevitably lead to a burning, irritating feeling. The vagina will get really sore and become red in colour. Some women may notice a white, thick discharge as well.

How to Conquer Thrush

A warmer climate can trigger the symptoms of thrush, so try to avoid yourself from getting too hot, sweaty and sticky by wearing cotton underwear rather than synthetic fabrics that are not breathable. If you tend to suffer with thrush then assess your diet, check and perhaps keep a diary to test out how much sugar you are putting into your system. It may just be that you could try switching from a fizzy drink to a glass of water. If you enjoy your baths, maybe it would be a good idea to cut down on the amount of bubble bath you use and the perfumed products you like in the bath as these can both contribute to bouts of thrush. After swimming in a pool have a shower straight away as the chlorine can also bring on thrush.

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