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Candida or candidosis is more commonly known as thrush and is also more common is girls rather than their male counterparts. Approximately twenty five percent of females will have an occurrence of the symptoms of thrush at some stage in their lives. Thrush can be very annoying, irritating and frustrating. As a general rule, the symptoms of thrush can be quite simply managed through a combination of certain medications and a possible life style change in some area or another. In some cases as like any other infection, some medications just don’t take effect. In this case, you will need to see your doctor who can do a full examination and perhaps recommend a different approach to suit you.

The Symptoms of Thrush

The most common symptoms which girls will complain about include an inconceivable itching that will inevitably lead to a burning, annoying feeling. The vagina will get really sore and become red in colour. Some girls may notice a white, thick discharge as well. Unfortunately a lot of girls get very embarrassed by getting thrush but they shouldn’t be, it’s quite common and contrary to belief it is not a sexually transmitted disease. However it can be passed to one and other.

The Causes of Vaginal Thrush

As mentioned before there is a yeast named Candida albicans and this is what gives girls the symptoms of thrush. Most of the time Candida albicans can be moderately common to find in the vagina and most of the time it causes no troubles. Thrush will flare up when the Candida albicans builds up too much. The increase is made because of a number of reasons from the clothes you wear, the amount of exercise you do, the food you consume, which perfumed toiletries you use on yourself, your sexual activity and the condition of your immune system. If you are taking antibiotics then this could trigger the thrush as well as having diabetes and not managing it very well. Stress is also known to trigger the symptoms of thrush in girls. Some evidence will suggest that by using sanitary towels on a regular basis you can start up thrush. However, there is no evidence to say that tampons can trigger thrush symptoms.

What to Do to Alleviate Thrush Symptoms

You should make sure that you regularly wash your vagina with a warm, perfume free water. When you have your menstrual cycle, be sure to change your sanitary items on a regular basis and change to wearing cotton underwear as it is breathable.

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