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Who Are Binge Drinkers?

Binge drinking is the process of drinking alcoholic beverages quickly and excessively, until you black out. Many people indulge into this activity during their college days or while in company of others who are doing the same. Thus, the main reason behind such behavior is spending time with your friends, having fun.

However, there are other occurrences of binge drinking. Some people, for instance, drink to relieve their social anxiety, ending up completely drunk in the process. Others start with only one drink, are unable to stop and go overboard in the shortest timespan possible.

Regardless of the reason, binge drinking, even if it happens scarcely, is not a healthy way of living. Thus, it should be avoided.

A Profile of a Binge Drinker

Actually, there are no specific types of people who are prone to binge drinking. Both men and women do it, regardless of their age, even though binge drinking is more common in younger individuals. Binge drinkers usually know that they have a drinking problem, yet they are incapable of dealing with it effectively.

However, there is a lot to this addiction that is connected to the mind of the addict. Binge drinkers usually know that they will drink too much once they go out with their friends. So, they follow the negative pattern in their minds, getting drunk in the end. If they thought that they will go out, have a drink or two, but not too much, and go home by midnight, perhaps the outcome would be much different.

It's All in the Mind

If a person does not want to get drunk, he/she will not get drunk – it is as simple as that. Therefore, binge drinkers should stop being binge drinkers and choose a different path, not drinking or drinking in moderation. They should prepare for this outcome in their minds, not allowing things to happen otherwise.

Hypnotherapy and neurolinguistic programming are both known ways of dealing with binge drinking. All you need to do is to believe that you can stop, reprogram your mind into believing in this too and enjoy drinking in moderation, without being afraid that you might go overboard, knowing for sure that you will not.

We have the power of controlling our actions. This being said, we ourselves can decide whether we will indulge into alcohol beverages excessively or not. Keep that in mind and rise above the situation, staying sober and remembering a good night out rather than waking up miserable, feeling sick and sorry for going out in the first place.

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