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No Socializing without a Sip

Today's busy world needs a certain ventnow and then. Sure, we can work two different jobs, being busy forabout 12 hours each day, five days a week, combined with all theother social obligations we have and the miserable average of 6sleeping hours. As a price, we need to relax. This relaxation usuallyinvolves getting out in the weekend, spending time chatting with thepeople we like or love, talking about casual stuff, over a drink ortwo...or three...or four...or...a blackout.

Basically, there are many people whoenjoy a sip every now and then, but are unable to control themselves.For these people, who do not wish to end up lying on the barunconscious, there are certain methods to help you drink smart andactually be able of hearing and remembering the nice chattingsessions you had in the pub last weekend.

Don't Go Overboard

The first useful advice for drinkingnights is to have a personal limiter. This device is actually afriend, usually the one who is driving or a non-alcoholic who enjoysgoing out with his or her drinking buddies. This person can tell you whenyou have had enough and take the glass from your hands in order tohelp you. Make sure that this is a friend who knows you and iscapable of persuading you to stop when your mind gets a bit blurry.

If you are planning on going outwithout this limiter-friend, make sure you take other measures intoconsideration. Since you know how many drinks you need before you getdrunk, make sure you stay below your limits. The best way of doingthis is bringing limited amounts of money with you, carefullyportioned to provide you just enough drinks for you to have safe fun.

Alternatively, if you go out to acertain pub a lot, considering it your favorite, you can ask afriendly waiter who is already your acquaintance, to be your limiter.Then, when you start behaving funny, he/she will discontinue yourdistribution of alcoholic beverages.

Finally, you might combine several ofthe above mentioned factors, just to make sure. If one fails, theother will not. Drink responsively. If you are not capable of doingthis, force yourself by carefully planned strategies beforehand.Cheers.

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