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Too Much of Anything is Not a GoodThing

As it is the case with many things inour life, drinking too much water can be quite harmful for ourwell-being. Regardless of the fact that water is life and that we aremostly made of water, we should still be careful and avoid goingoverboard with water consumption since the outcome may be quitetragical and even deadly. There have been supposedly benign cases ofwater drinking contests and other such activities, where people havebeen giving their best to consume as much water as possible, thinkingthat this could do them no harm. Unfortunately, many of these peopleare not here today to bear witness to their misjudgment. All in all,water intoxication is a real thing, and people should be very awareof it.

Water Intoxication Facts

Once you drink too much water, youroverall blood volume increases. This, of course is bad, since ourbody is a system which is closed and has a set size. When we increasethe volume of our blood this way, our blood pressure increases, andthe stress on our heart and veins gets stronger, potentially leadingto health problems.

Moreover, when we drink more water thanwe are best to, our kidneys work overtime and get worn out morequickly. Even though we should keep our kidneys clean and ourorganism well hydrated, we still need to bear in mind that too muchhydration can bring us harm.

Next, too much water in our organism,delivered over to short of a timespan, can only result in a decreaseof electrolyte levels in our blood. This means that water will betaken as a substitute for these lacking electrolytes, causing ourcells to swell. Furthermore, this swelling can occur in our brain,causing it to grow abnormally, pressing onto the skull, increasingpressure in the area, potentially causing damage and numerousnegative symptoms like nausea, dizziness, headaches etc.

All these things being said, we shouldbe more careful about our water consumption. Know that, once you haveeaten a lot of fruits and watery vegetables during the day, you needto decrease the amount of water you are drinking additionally. Thiswill prevent you from suffering from water intoxication. Still, youshould not neglect you feeling of thirst since dehydration can beequally dangerous. Rather, you are to establish a well balance, whereyou will drink enough water to be optimally healthy, avoiding anyabnormalities in your fluid intake.

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