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Numerous different types of herbal remedies were always usedfor the prevention and treatment of most medical conditions long before thetimes of pharmaceutical medicine. The history of herbal healing techniques isvery old, perhaps as old as the mankind itself. There are a large number ofpeople who do not approve of the herbal healing techniques, and they questionthe reliability and efficiency of such methods. There are also others who stillbelieve that herbal methods for the treatment of numerous medical conditionsare still a pretty much viable option in most cases. Herbal remedies cansometimes be related to certain allergic reactions, but those occur mostly insome rare cases. The positive side of herbal remedies is that they cannot be affiliatedwith any unwanted side effects, unlike the pharmaceutical drugs. Many professional medical institutions simplyignore the herbal medicine and opt to rely on pills and other pharmaceuticallyproduced medicaments. Many doctors claimthat those synthetic pills are the best possible option for the treatment oftheir patients. Unfortunately, those medicaments tend to disturb the naturalchemical balance inside the human body. Eczema is usually treated with certaintypes of prescribed anti-inflammatory medicaments, and in some cases evencorticosteroids. Anti-inflammatory medicaments are pretty much common, but theystill may be affiliated with the occurrence of certain types of side effectssuch as impaired functioning of the kidney and various digestiveirregularities. Another important fact is that even such common types ofpharmaceutically produced medicaments are not safe for pregnant andbreastfeeding women. These drugs can cause a number of serious healthcomplications for the unborn baby. Corticosteroids may also be associated withcertain other types of side effects, and in some cases they may even beresponsible for hallucinations and mood changes.

And all that for... eczema treatment?

Eczema is a medical condition which is also referred to asacute contact dermatitis. It is characterized by symptoms such as skin rash,intense itchiness, extreme skin dryness and so on. It can be caused by variousdifferent factors such as allergic reactions, fungi and certain types of viralinfections. Eczema is usually not a serious medical condition so it does notrequire any extreme measures of treatment. It cannot be removed permanently butits symptoms can be relieved by using certain herbal remedies such as burdock,neem, blood root, chaparral and poke root. Other potent herbal remedies include white willow bark, arnica Montana,calendula, St. John’s Wort, chickweed and comfrey.

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