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Insomnia is one of the oldest medical conditions, because ithas plagued the mankind ever since the beginning of society. It has beentreated by numerous different sorts of herbal remedies ever since those ancienttimes. The modern medicine provides numerous different types of sedatives andmedicaments which unfortunately contained various chemicals which may beaffiliated with a vast array of side effects. After all that, one cannot helpbut realize that the best methods for the treatment of insomnia are still thenatural, herbal ones. Caffeine can often be associated with insomnia and it mayeven cause dependence to a certain extent. If a person cannot cut the caffeinedependency completely, there are certain ways which can be helpful in lesseningthe intake.

Herbal Remedies

One of the most commonly used herbal remedies for insomniais known by the name of Valerian root. It is one of the most effective and thesafest ways of aiding all sleep related problems. One should always take ithalf an hour before going to bed. It is usually taken in the form of an herbaltea, and it does not trigger any side effects. It also cannot be affiliatedwith any sort of dependency. A similar herbal remedy is known by the name ofcatnip. It is commonly used for the prevention and treatment of insomnia but itmay also be of great help for all those who suffer from migraines, anxiety andnervousness. One just needs to put two teaspoons of dried catnip in a cup ofboiled water and leave it for no more than ten minutes. After that it can beconsumed. Chamomile is one of the most popular treatments for insomnia and itis so beneficial that it can be recommended for children to consume as well.Another herbal remedy which is known for its potent soothing properties islavender. It can be taken orally but it may also be applied topically on theskin or put inside the pillows to provide a soothing scent. Sour jujube seedand longan fruit are also very potent herbal remedies for insomnia and they arederived from the traditional Chinese medicine. One may also try to mix togetherdifferent types of herbs in order to prepare an herbal cocktail which suits theindividual needs and preferences the best. Passionflower and hops can be usedin such herbal cocktails. Excessive amounts of herbal remedies need to beavoided.

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