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However strange this might seem, women were not officially considered as bearing capability of feeling sexual pleasure until the 1950. Namely, before Alfred Kinsey wrote his famous and notorious Kinsey's Report, no one thought that females had any kind of sexual desire. Of course, the idea was present in the minds of the people and in their bedrooms. Still, this was the first official claim of this type, based on nothing more and nothing less, than confessions of women.

Since then, various taboos have been uncovered such as the female orgasm and female sex drive. Naturally, the sarcastic tone of these lines stems from the very fact that a book was necessary for people to realize certain parts of themselves.

The “Now”

Nowadays, there are women who easily achieve orgasms whenever they want, through masturbation or sexual intercourse. However, this still does not make women equal when it comes to sexual arousal in comparison to men. There are differences and one of the most common ones is the desire for adventurous plays with their lovers, being a necessity for many female members of our society. At least, this is what contemporary sex studies say. In reality, the whole comparison issue may be unnecessary and pointless, for that matter.

Make Love, Not Comparisons!

Since the battle of sexuality between men and women began, certain feminists have also given birth to claims which say that women express their sexuality through the whole course of pregnancy and birth, breastfeeding and child bearing.

Of course, such presumptions would never have been expressed if there was not for the constant pressure placed upon women, regarding their sex life. Namely, constantly being tested and experimented upon sexually, many women who explored their sexuality were tagged as inappropriate or decadent by the society. Nevertheless, it may not be their fault, but, rather, the fault of the very society they live in.

Today's statistics show that up to 15% of all women never get a chance to experience orgasm, while another 15% are only capable of doing so through masturbation. Furthermore, another 15% may be blessed with the ability to have orgasmic experiences through the very intercourse. So, we have many different factors to blame for this set of facts.

Yet, regardless of all the sexual freedom we have practiced over the passed 50 years or so, taboos and judgmental attitudes seem stronger today than ever, especially when directed towards women. Thus, many of them have developed an independent attitude, being both financially and emotionally detached from men.

All in all, women are considered to be a more educated and confident half of the entire human society. Thus, if something is wrong, do more research and focus on solving the problem practically, through making love, rather than pondering over a pile of facts which only sets the sexes apart from each other and themselves.

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