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Even though many would not consider constant sexual arousal as something bad, there are also those who beg to differ. Namely, being in this state equals suffering from a serious health condition which interferes with every aspect of your normal life. Therefore, you have to notice this condition on time and react to it, seeking adequate treatment.

Signs of Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome

This phenomenon firstly appeared “officially” in 2001, since this is the year when the expression was coined. Naturally, it bothered people long before then. As the name of this syndrome may have already explained, persistent sexual arousal syndrome causes a person to experience a constant state of having a strong sex drive, both physically and psychologically. In fact, constantly bothered by psychological symptoms of this problem, the sufferers are also incapable of putting an end to physical signs of arousal as well.

It goes without saying that people who suffer from this syndrome do not need any kind of sexual stimulation in order to achieve their constant state. Rather, it takes place regardless of the situations affecting the person.

As for the cessation of the syndrome, it is possible, but is controlled by the sufferer. Sometimes, multiple sets of orgasms are necessary in order to get rid of the physical signs of persistent sexual arousal syndrome.

Finally, this condition, also bearing the name persistent genital arousal syndrome, manifesting through the above mentioned ways, makes one's life unbearable, preventing a person from enjoying life and fitting in the society, to say the least.

The Opposite Extreme

There is a condition called hypogonadism, which affects males, manifesting through reduction of symbols of their maturity through genital reduction and other signs. All this stems from a decrease in testosterone production. Basically, there are two types of this condition, central hypogonadism, which affects one's parts of the brain which control the gonads, and primary hypogonadism, which affects the testes themselves.

The main sign of this condition is a significant decrease in the sex organ size and bodily hair, especially when it comes to growing boys. Facial, leg, pubic and underarm hair may not appear as well, even through the teenage years of the sufferer.

A visible lacking of adequate muscle mass is yet another witness of this condition. Additionally, impotence, lack of sex drive and low amount of ejaculation, combined with tiredness and excessive accumulation of bodily fat in the breast area, all add on to the list of symptoms of hypogonadism.

Maintaining Good Sexual Health

Firstly, you need to eat well, if you are to avoid the above mentioned problems. Give your body all the nutrients it needs. Secondly, the problems are best prevented through a healthy lifestyle, followed by a regular exercise routine. Additionally, keeping stress at bay keeps the sexual problems away. Finally, avoid excessive indulgence in alcohol and cigarettes. Instead focus on performing exercises which focus on your pelvic area, keeping it well-functioning and in good shape.

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