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We are the Creators of Beauty

Beauty is relative and we all know it. This is so because we gave birth to beauty ourselves. Namely, throughout history of the human kind, the very notion of beauty has been changed numerous times and has become something completely else quite often. Nowadays, however, in the modern times, once we start talking about a perfect female body, there are several things considered a desired standard. Surely, these bodily proportions are likely to have been invented by men. Women, on the other hand, have been striving for a body suiting the optimal recommendations due to the fact that they desire to be more attractive to men and that they want to have a higher level of self-esteem. However, even though there is an accepted standard of a perfect female body, many people love different things about women. Thus, men tend to like the popular beauty while some like something very different. So, by reaching the skinny perfection, you will still face men who like women with curves and extra pounds. All in all, an existing standard is hardly a must. Still, read below to find out what it actually is.

Having a Perfect Female Body

It is advisory for women, before they undergo a hard, even impossible assignment of becoming incredibly thin and matching the faces from the magazines, to stop and think again. There is a single important thing which might stand in the way. Yes, it is genetics. If somebody's genes do not want her to look a certain way, she will only suffer in her striving. Thus, one should be perfect as she is likely to be and should not try to do the impossible. After all, there are so many popular women which are not skinny making the perfect female body theory difficult to hold water sometimes.

The same goes for women wanting to have the perfect, model-like curves. These curves are almost all made of bones. Thus, again, it is genetics and you either have it or not. Do not get overstressed by it. If you cannot have curves you definitely can and do have something else.

The most confusing group of all women striving for “perfection” are those who have ideal curves but want to become skinny and without these monuments of beauty. Again, be who you are and know that men are crazy for a good waist to hip line. Thus, if you feel good in your curves, keep them since there is a high likelihood that you will not be capable of getting rid of them either. Finally, you are the key to your body. Every woman is beautiful. Do not ever forget that.

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