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Facts about Abusers

An abuser is a person prone to abusing others. In order to live for such a strange purpose, you need to fit into a certain psychological profile. Since we are greatly influenced by our long time passed experiences, usually in childhood, abusive behavior has such roots as well. Namely, since it is connected to many factors such as a will for dominance and overall control over someone's life, while at the same time preserving a good image about oneself, covertly inflicting pain to the victims, this disorder is quite complex.

There are different things which can teach one to behave in such violent, sadistic and distorted manner. Most commonly, these people were either abused themselves or extremely spoiled during childhood. Learning to control your submissive parents can influence your behavior later in life, it evolving into the abusive character you might have. Also, people whose relationship with parents came down to conditional love provided that all the requirements like good grades, positive behavior and others were fulfilled are also prone to abusive behaviour. Finally, abusive behavior can stem from having a really rough childhood, being abused either sexually or physically, as well as mentally.

Due to the complicated mental characteristic of this disorder, treatment can sometimes be hard, since many barriers need to be broken in order to reach the person hiding behind abusive behavior, being helpless, alone and traumatized, expressing this through hurting others.

Treatment for Abusers

As mentioned above, one possible way of treating a person with this problem is through therapy and professional treatment. However, since abusers often desire to fit in the society perfectly and without any imperfections, they usually abuse members of their family, especially spouses covertly.

Luckily, in the modern society with strong, protective measures against domestic violence, the number of these incidents has decreased drastically. Nevertheless, there are still people who put up with the domestic abuse, thinking, for example, that a male may beat a female etc. This, of course, is a wrong attitude and should be remedied as soon as possible. Our imperfect society gives birth to people with disorders too.

All in all, treating an abuser is hard and requires many people to react against his/her behavior. First, others must make this person realize that what he/she is doing is wrong and punishable by law. Before engaging the legislative apparatus, people should try to mend this in a positive, caring way. However, if this method crashes against sadistic behavior of an abuser, adequate measures need to be taken as soon as possible.

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