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Even though many people perceive erectile dysfunction as a devastating state of affairs for men, women are affected by this condition too. Basically, a woman's husband or male partner suffers from erectile dysfunction, she commonly believes that it has something to do with her attractiveness. Also, she might be worried that the affection is gone from the relationship, fearing abandonment, blaming herself for this outcome.

Erectile Dysfunction and Female Support

Erectile dysfunction manifests through a male's inability to achieve or maintain erection of the penis for the amount of time necessary for having a successful sexual intercourse. Numerous factors may trigger this condition and, sometimes, it can affect a man for no reasons at all.

However, while men suffer from erectile dysfunction physically, women take the emotional and mental burden of this condition. Namely, the lack of sex the couple experiences brings about unnecessary stress and tension in the relationship. This anxiety can lead to verbal and physical conflicts and the woman may even suspect that her partner is having an affair, losing his interest in her. Often, men suffering from erectile dysfunction remain passive and silent about it, becoming depressed, leaving their female partners confused and worried.

Thus, in the long run, erectile dysfunction can possibly lead to a complete lack of communication between the partners, making matters worse. If the woman desires to be supportive and ask about the problem often, she might end up being counter-productive, making the man enter even deeper levels of his melancholy and negativity.

Physical motivation and eroticism are steps that women tend to use in order to battle their partners' erectile dysfunction. Yet, these approaches may backfire as well.

What Can Women Do?

Obviously, acting and remaining idle are both actions which may not help. Thus, you need to accept the situation and act as a friend, offering a helping hand, rather than judging yourself or your partner. Healthy communication needs to be established, through emotional support and acceptance. Hugging can help greatly.

If both of you cannot overcome this obstacle on your own, you might need to seek professional help, consulting with your doctor. An underlying physical condition may be triggering the erectile dysfunction, so this step may lead you closer to treatment and solution of the issue.

Once both of you have faced the facts and did your best to find a solution, you can start finding ways to overcome erectile dysfunction. Experiment with your sexual life. Play with each other and cuddle, finding other ways of sexuality, apart from the usual, biological ones. Alternatively, you can use medications such as Viagra and Cialis or Levitra.

All in all, as a female partner, you are advised to listen to your heart and the heart of your troubled partner. Communication is crucial and maintaining your intimacy and mutual affection may be all you need.

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