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Sexuality is a broad term. Basically, it encompasses every aspect of human beings including psychological, physiological, social, political, cultural, religious, spiritual etc. Thus, these values and characteristics vary between two genders. Morals, ethics and theology have often played a part in sexuality as well. Moreover, during our history, both female and male sexuality has changed, evolved, raged or withered many times.

Today, we also have unique laws which regulate the freedoms of sexuality. Naturally, these rules and regulations vary from one country to another. Again, many aspects play crucial parts in this division of appropriate and inappropriate, as well as the sexuality differences between genders.

The Sexuality Issue

As some scientists claim, female bodies and reproductive organs are not designed to provide sexual pleasure. Rather, these are made in order to reproduce optimally. Therefore, women do not reach orgasms as often as men do, since, for reproductive purposes this is not expected nor necessary. Men, on the other hand, need to reach this stage, again, for the sake of successful reproduction process following the intercourse. The female clitoris is not involved enough during sexual intercourse. Thus, orgasm rarely takes place.

Therefore, however disappointing this might sound, the main purpose of sex is reproduction and males get the upper hand since they have been designed in a way which enables them more pleasure during the process.

Surely, couples may indulge into oral sex and masturbation, for the sake of orgasmic satisfaction. Yet, from a biological standpoint, this is pointless and not productive at all.

The Misconception

There are women who claim to be capable of reaching orgasm solely through vaginal intercourse. However, again, their clitoris is the part of their sex organs which grants them pleasure. Being neglected during reproductive intercourse, it cannot possibly lead to orgasm without proper stimulation. In fact, males, if their penis is not stimulated, are not likely to reach orgasm as well.

Usually, women who have reached orgasm through masturbation are completely aware of the feeling they are looking for during the regular intercourse.

Nevertheless, women prefer sex over masturbation due to emotions involved. Namely, the caressing, the touching and all other sensual pleasures compensate for the eventual lack of orgasm.

Therefore, we are the same, but different, when it comes to biological predispositions regarding orgasms. Throughout time, women have learned to accommodate to male sex drive, satisfying males for the sake of impregnation. Surely, there are plenty of other pleasurable aspects related to sex, but, on a male/female basis, it is experienced differently due to our biological predispositions and the way we were created.

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