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The serotonin power diet

A lot of people are not aware that serotonin is a brain chemical that has a huge influence on their mood balance and the shutting of the appetite. This is the reason why lots of medications for depression like Prozac have the effect via serotonin. Most people mistake appetite for hunger. Appetite is what makes a person eat when he or she is bored or stressed or simply tempted by some food. A person who overeats because of the appetite and not hunger is bound to gain some weight. This usually happens after the holidays, when people are feeling exhausted and not happy because of the winter. In such times people eat to fight off bad emotions and mood. There are few people who will go for steamed vegetables in that situation while the majority will consume fat, sweet and salty foods like ice cream, chips, cookies or donuts. It is really hard to maintain a healthy weight when a person consumes a lot of these foods. However, there are foods that will satisfy a person and cut the appetite. Is it essential that these foods are consumed at the right time so that the person receives enough serotonin.

How to introduce more serotonin

There are lots of serotonin supplements sold at health food stores but a person should not purchase those because they will not get more serotonin into the brain. The only way to do that is to consume sweet and starchy carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are important because they start a series of biochemical reactions that then enable the brain to make serotonin. However, these carbohydrates should be either fat free or low fat. A person should also know that the intake of too much dietary fat will make him or her feel sulky. Another important fact is that a person needs to eat carbohydrates without the protein in order for the brain to be able to make serotonin.

What needs to be done

A person just needs to consume carbohydrates in times when serotonin levels are low and when there is a chance of overeating. Most people feel the cravings in the late afternoons and evenings. A good example of what a person can eat in the afternoon are pretzels or fat free cookies. For dinner a person can have pasta marinara with parmesan cheese.

Fruit and proteins are important but should be consumed in the early parts of the day.

A good advice is to eat some pretzels or crackers just before dinner. The reason for this is to edge off the appetite.

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