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Every diet for losing excess pounds means hunger and desire for eating. There are many strategies that help in reducing hunger such as: taking plenty of fluids, eating more foods rich in fiber, avoiding refined carbohydrates, and sunbathing. There is nothing that provides absolute removing the feeling of hunger. There is nothing wrong with feeling of hunger. It is a normal body response to reduced calorie intake. Unfortunately, many people aren't able to resist that feeling, not realizing that in some cases the signal of hunger is false, by which their body is just signaling that there are insufficient calories to add new fat. Feeling of hunger wins any logical thinking. Fortunately, there are foods for the immediate appetite suppression that provide the feeling of fullness even though these types of foods do not contain many calories.


If you drink a glass of water and wait 10 minutes, you will feel that hunger is completely gone or is dramatically reduced.

Green Vegetables

Another strategy is to eat green vegetables such as lettuce, cabbage, kale and broccoli. The salad has so few calories that it can be eaten in unlimited quantities.


When you feel hungry eat apples. You can take the largest apple without any consequences for the diet. In the moments when you feel hungry the easiest thing is to grab a bag of some chips or other snacks, by which you will intake the 1000 calories which are about half of daily caloric needs. But you can hardly consume 1000 calories by eating apples. Apples stop hunger because they are rich in fiber that fills the stomach and rapidly reverses the state of hormones that control appetite.


Bananas primarily contain ballast substances that regulate digestion. However, unlike other foods that also contain them (muesli or walnuts), a banana is characterized by low fat content.100 grams of banana has only 0.5% of fat, which is about 80 times less than the percentage of fat in the average hamburger. Banana, however, immediately creates a feeling of fullness, and is ideal for dieting (average banana contains only 90 calories).


The main advantages of grains are primarily ballast components and beta-gluten. Mostly, they may be found in oat and barley with the main function to reduce cholesterol. Flax seed also include a large amount of dietary fiber. It contains a large amount of pentose (mucus) that, in addition to favorable effects on the digestive tract, has laxative effect (against the constipation). Soluble dietary fibers provide the maintenance of blood sugar level and lowering the cholesterol level. Soy proteins can be used in bakery products to reduce fat and increase protein content. There is a trap in all this. After an hour or an hour and a half the body will realize that there isn't a lot of calories in foods that are consumed. The hunger will occur again but it is still delayed. If you combine the delay of hunger attack by poor calorie food with increased physical activity, feeling of hunger can be further delayed because the physical activity transforms fat into sugar which enters the blood, providing hunger reduction.

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