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Tiny but Dangerous

Ants are present in almost all cornersof the Earth. Being predators and scavengers, their bodily designallows them to fight and defend themselves quite fiercely. Thus, theymay easily kill a member of species which is much larger than themsince they are known to organize well and depend on each other,especially in situations when they need to protect their territory.As for humans, getting in contact with the ants can be quite dangerous in somesituations whereas it can be pretty much harmless in others. Thesuccess of our battle and encounter with the ants depends greatly onthe number of these creatures and the species they belong to sincethere are many different kinds of ants. Either way, they can bite,sting and deliver quite some pain and irritation to us, even thoughwe are incomparably bigger and stronger than they are. All in all,read on to learn how ants can cause us harm and to which degreethis is possible.

Ants as a Threat

Every ant, regardless of its species,when delivering a bite, releases certain toxins and chemicals intoour body. This, of course is meant to harm us. Depending on thestrength of the very chemical we are exposed to, our symptoms mayrange from irrelevant to life-threatening. So, again, depending onthe ant that has bitten us, we can suffer from a minor rash orirritation, or even be exposed to lethal poisons which can cause usto die. That being said, do not engage into battle with thesecreatures unless this cannot be possibly avoided and if they bite you take care ofyour injuries as soon as possible, especially if the symptoms involvefeeling weak, lightheaded or in pain accompanied with a lack ofcoordination.

Fire ants and jack jumping ants havestings and venom which can be quite perilous. Moreover, the latterare known to be aggressive and attack without even being provoked.Therefore, the best cure is avoidance, unless you want to be troubledby swelling, pain and enormous amount of life-threatening discomfort.

Lines of Defense

Since collateral damage is aninevitable factor in some cases, you might stumble upon dangerousants and get bitten even though completely innocent. Then, you needto provide yourself an adequate treatment and heal your bite spots.Cucumber and aloe vera juices are excellent topical lotions for theinjuries. Also, onion slices and tea bags can prove to be of greatassistance, again, applied topically. Beforehand, you need to cleanthe wound with an antibacterial soap and lukewarm water and removethe stinger, if present. Finally, if you experience any strangesymptoms several hours after being bitten, seek medical attentionimmediately.

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