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Our body is an extraordinary structure, consisting of many self-sustaining elements which protect it and allow it to function healthily. Every cell in our body serves a purpose. However, our blood cells are involved in maintaining our body's health and well-being. These cells are produced in our bone marrow before they are sent into the blood stream, protecting us and delivering nutrients all around our body.

The Importance of Blood

Besides merely running through our body, the blood has multiple purposes. It consists of different kinds of blood cells including red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. The red ones deliver oxygen throughout our body, along with energy and all the vital nutrients. The white ones are designed for fighting off illnesses which might be taking place in our organism. Platelets are engaged in the process of coagulation.

As far as blood diseases are concerned, leukemia, being blood cell cancer, is the most common one. Namely, people who suffer from leukemia have their white blood cell count too high, due to a disorder. All types of cancer originate from cells. Usually, healthy cells live, function and die, dividing into more cells which take their place. However, sometimes, due to dysfunctions, corrupted cells are formed, giving birth to cancer.

A Different View on Health

Since we still have not managed to fully understand how and why our white blood cells, or any cell in our body, function the way they do, we face many different theories. For example, holistic ones claim that this has everything to do with our unique, individual creation, depending greatly on the cosmic energy forces around us. On the other hand, some holistic medicine practitioners claim that our blood cells are intelligent beings, functioning on their own, having a consciousness, attacking infections or harmful microorganisms with antibodies, devising battle tactics on their own.

During all this cellular activity, a significant amount of waste is created, manifesting through toxins, fat etc. Moreover, we get exposed to environmental and man-made pollution, getting more toxins in our body. These need to be expelled and infrared sauna is the best possible way of achieving this.

Infrared Sauna Benefits

Infrared sauna produces heat which is very similar to that of the sun. Thus, the heat passes through our skin, enters our joints, bones, muscles and tissues, releasing the toxins and expelling them from our body, by improving our circulation.

So, basically, exposure to infrared sauna treatment cleans your cells and helps your body function better, unclogging your capillaries and allowing our pores to breathe without a single side effect.

Thus, consider infrared saunas an universal and incredibly effective cleansing tool for your entire body, helping it function better and making your more resistant to many diseases and health problems.

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