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Alcohol – HowMuch is Too Much

Alcoholism isfound to be on the raise worldwide. This disease affects the person who isdrinking, but also everyone around him. Alcohol abuse can cause healthproblems, economic troubles and problems in all of personal relationships. If one of theparents was an alcoholic, his children are likely to start drinking asteenagers or develop alcohol addiction at some point of their life.

Small amounts ofalcohol usually won’t do any harm for the human organism, because our body canmetabolize it. It takes about an hour to eliminate alcohol from one can ofbeer, for example. Large quantities of alcoholic drinks are problematic and ifa person consume excess amount of alcohol he or she may experience alcoholpoisoning. This is serious medical condition and it must be immediately takencare of by a medical professional.

Alcohol poisoningmay be accidental or intentional and it can develop after the consummation ofethanol, methanol or Isopropyl alcohol. All these alcohols are found in everydayhousehold items, but still, the most common way people get alcohol poisoning isexcess usage of alcoholic drinks.

RecognizeSymptoms of Alcohol Poisoning

A personsuffering from acute alcohol poisoning may experience many different symptoms.Severity of these will depend on the concentration of alcohol in the blood. Person who experiences alcohol poisoning can vomit, be hypothermic (have low body temperature) or feel confused. Paleor blueish skin, breathing problems (slow, irregular breathing), unconsciousnessand seizures might also be caused by the excess intake of alcohol. Alcohol poisoningneeds urgent medical attention, or the person may choke on its own vomit, stopbreathing or experience brain damage or even lethal consequences.

Prevention andTreatment

Alcohol poisoningis best prevented by drinking moderately, if at all. Recommended dose forwomen is one alcoholic drink per day or two drinks for men. Young adults aremore likely to get addicted to alcohol and because of that it is important toinform them about the problems related to alcohol poisoning.

When someone havealcohol poisoning, he needs to be carefully monitored and on oxygen therapy.Many times these patients receive intravenous fluids, to prevent dehydrationand seizures. Their respiratory tract needs to be protected, so they won’tchoke or experience breathing difficulties.

Methanolpoisoning is more specific and these patients are usually treated with kidneydialysis.

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