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Are Alcohol and Breast Cancer Connected?

Breast cancer in women is found to be increasing lately, claim some recent scientific studies. One of the factors that is known to increase the possibility of developing breast cancer is consummation of alcohol. Since this disease can be a very serious medical condition, every woman should know about alcohol and its consequences. Knowing all the facts that are available may be the solution for those wondering what is the link between alcohol and breast cancer.

Women who take one alcoholic drink every day are found to increase the risk of the development of breast cancer for about one percentage point, while drinking more than this amount of alcohol raise the risk evenhigher.

Two alcoholic drinks per day bring more health (and breast cancer) risks than consummation of one drink. Some studies suggest that drinking this much alcohol can double the possibility to develop breast cancer. Women drinking at least 3 or even more alcoholic drinks every day are discovered to be about 30% more prone to breast cancer than women who don’t drink.

Talking about the age, until the middle age, women are less likely to develop breast cancer. Alcohol, however, increases the possibility of breast cancer in younger women, especially if they are heavy drinkers. Risks of developing the breast cancer go up with aging process, and scientists discovered that regular heavy drinkers are the most affected group in women. One research states that 9 out of 100 women of older age may develop breast cancer.

Breast cancer can also affect men, although this is less likely to happen. Men normally have less breast tissue and therefore this type of cancer is rare. Nonetheless, alcohol brings and increases the risks of breast cancer in both men and women, so men drinking alcohol are more likely to develop breast cancer.

How Much Alcohol?

Breast cancer is linked to the consummation of alcohol and people are advised to avoid alcohol completely. If you can’t do that, at least limit the amount of alcohol you take.

According to the Department of Health, there are recommended daily allowances of alcohol for men and for women. Men are advised to use less than 3 or 4 units of alcohol per day, while women should limit they alcohol to less than 3 units per day.

Food To Reduce Risk of Breast Cancer

Certain foods are believed to decrease the risk of breast cancer. This is especially true for food containing folic acid, such as: citrus juices and fruits, dried beans, peas and dark green vegetables.

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