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EFT, also known as the Emotional Freedom Technique, is an alternative treatment system that involves intervention and psychotherapy technique. People skilled in EFT often call this system the “energy psychology”. This healing system is aimed to reduce stress and therefore improves clinical image of many other medical conditions and diseases. The main principle of this technique is that a lot of health issues result from excessive stress that accumulates inside of the body and blocks the flow of vital energy, causing symptoms of various diseases, and exhausting the body until it becomes ill. The ETF system offers an easy solution to improve overall quality of life by tapping the acupuncture points while client focuses on certain positive thoughts and affirmations.

EFT treatment

Acupuncture points, which are stimulated during the EFT treatment, are particular locations on the body that are situated along Meridians through which the life-energy is believed to flow. There are about 400 different acupuncture points and about 20 Meridians, connecting these points. The EFT treatment includes patient rating the emotional intensity of their reaction and then repeating an affirmation while stimulating the specific points on the chest. When this is completed, treatment continues with tapping acupressure points, while the individual repeats the phase out loud. The patient’s emotions are measured using the Likert-type scale that requires from individuals to specify their level of agreement or disagreement using the symmetric scale. Benefits of EFT

EFT offers various benefits but perhaps the greatest thing about it is that it works almost instantly. EFT is used in treatment of various health issues, psychological problems, as well as to improve performance on many fields. Moreover, it is very easy to use and can be learned and applied quickly.

When used for emotional problems, the EFT strengthens the patient’s ability to reduce and alleviate the intensity of negative or troubling emotions and memories. The emotional issues are easily resolved by combining self-acceptance and tapping of the acupressure points. The relief is rapid, and starts in just a couple of minutes. In addition, it is not important if the negative emotion has been troubling the mind for years. With EFT, it goes away almost instantly.

This is a great way of self-help for many emotional problems. However, people suffering from emotional issues associated with serious trauma or abuse, should use it only as a complementary treatment, and continue their normal treatment under the care of a licensed mental health professional.

If applied properly, EFT will also bring noticeable to complete pain relief within minutes. About 80% of all people who have tried this treatment would agree that it helps in pain management and that it works even where nothing else, including drugs, does.

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