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How to reduce inflammation in the body

Almost everybody in the medical world agrees that the manifestation of most illnesses starts in cell inflammation. Hence, people should know what causes them and try to prevent them.

What is inflammation?

The connection of inflammation with heat, swelling and pain in the body is obvious. The thing that people should watch out for is known by the name “silent inflammation”. This sort of inflammation makes the illness more severe before anyone realizes that the inflammation is there. Aching back and headache are the only physical symptoms of the silent inflammation.

Food as medicine

There is no medication that cures silent inflammation, so it is in nutrition where people must place their hope. The sooner people start thinking of food as medicine the less chance there will be for them to get infected by silent inflammation. There are lots of foods that will help in the fight against inflammation.

FatsIn contrast to the name, the fats are actually good for the human body. When consumed in a limited amount they can boost your health and reduce inflammation. Some fats, like omega-6, are substances that cause inflammation. These fats can be found in margarine and corn. On the other hand, omega-3 fats have an inflammation-suppressing effect. They can be found in various species of fish like salmon or anchovies and vegetables. Because of this, it is recommended to take fish oil of the highest quality every day.

Simple carbohydratesA speedy rise in blood sugar is what causes inflammation to appear. One of the known ways to avoid inflammation is not to take sugar and high-glycemic carbohydrates. If people can, they should exclude it from their diet. Foods which contain good carbohydrates are apples, beans, cabbage, spinach and peaches among many others. Foods like breads, carrots, pancakes, pasta and white rice have bad carbohydrates. The list for foods with simple carbohydrates is quite long.

Get plenty of antioxidants to fight inflammationAntioxidants destroy the free-radicals in the human body. Because of this a person should add foods that contain antioxidants to the diet as much as he or she can. Free-radicals are known for causing many diseases, among which the most dangerous one is cancer. Almost all sorts of berries, raw cacao and leafy green vegetables contain plenty of antioxidants.

Illnesses caused by inflammation

Arthritis, obesity, heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer's disease are only a couple of diseases that can be caused by inflammation. Because of this, it is highly important that a person does not neglect any possible signs of inflammation.

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