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It can be said that most of the time people are not aware of how much they hurt their bodies. It does not have to be anything intentional,but something completely accidental. For example, no one thinks of noise asof something serious, something that might seriously affect the mental aspectof the organism. But most of people drive each day from home to work and back,and the highway noise is something that people should be cautious about. Andthis is a benign thing. Think about the stress accumulated at work because ofmoney issues, because of problems in relationships with family, friends etc.When physical problems are added, it is quite obvious why your body isdesperate for a detox when it comes to both mental and physical condition.

The body

Human organism needs food and water for a proper functioningwhich is why we eat and drink. The problem is that what we eat and drink sometimes isnot what the body needs. In those cases, obesity emerges as one of the medicalconditions that might even endanger the life of a person later on in life, ifit becomes something permanent. There are also problems with alcohol andsmoking, which affect the body in a completely different way, but still theymight make an entire mess of a person's life. So, when it comes to the body, a person should eliminate all the bad food from time to time and subdue thebad lifestyle habits (smoking and alcohol) at least for a while.

People cannot understand how a detox will be positive for the body on many levels. Colon cleansing is one of the things that should be done and this will help by increasing the energy in the organism(the digestive tract will not need it for a while), dangerous source of bacteriaand waste material will be destroyed, and also, the diameter of the intestines will bereduced, thus decreasing the size of the belly.

Detox should be applied in the daily menu too. Junk food, sodas,food rich in saturated fat should be eliminated or at least reduced to aminimum. Also, the amount of food should be normal, while the amount of fruits and veggies inthe menu should be drastically increased.

The mind

When it comes to mental aspect, people should really think hardabout eliminating the stress factor. This is not easy, because stress accumulates slowly and affects our psyche. Some people do not have much problemswith stress and can deal with it, but there are also some who cannot withstandits effect and should ask for any kind of help. Stress must be controlledbecause it might even be the inducer of certain medical issues.

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