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It is funny how much we do not think about our health until something serious happens or pain occurs. For example, there are not many people who tend to visit a dentist regularly, but when the toothache starts, seeing a dentist becomes a priority. An urgent one.

Preventing the unwanted

Health prevention is one of the major factors for evading some illnesses and conditions. Healthy mind does create a healthy body, at least to a certain point. Keeping body weight within normal values greatly decreases risk of getting affected by some heart problems, diabetes, even psychological issues like depression. It is not easy to maintain healthy cooking, but considering the possible consequences, it must be done. Also, regular medical examinations might reveal some conditions in early stages, when therapy will have the most effect. This especially goes for malign tumors, because if they are found out when the malign mass is greatly increased, or if the metastasis spread through organism, chances of recovery are greatly reduced.

Regular exercises are keeping the muscles in good shape and also eliminating the excessive fat tissue, which prevents problems such as increased blood pressure, high levels of cholesterol and triglycerides, diabetes, etc. This is also good for keeping the tendons and ligaments elastic, thus preventing joint arthritis for example.

Using supplements can greatly help a healthy mind regulating a healthy body. Even if we try to keep everything in check when it comes to health, sometimes it is not enough, and using additional vitamins and minerals is a solution. Eating healthy is very important; because sometimes the number of calories is correct, but the type of calories is completely wrong (calories that come from sodas juices, candies, sweets). Enough energy is there, but there are no essential acids, minerals, vitamins etc.


There are a lot of studies that show how much stress can induce some health issues. Some say that stress might be one of the etiological factors in creation of mutagen cells that lead to malign tumor. Dealing with stress is also very important for maintaining a healthy mind. Actually, stress, unhealthy diets and illnesses creates a cycle that cannot be broken easily. Healthy mind and healthy body do come hand in hand, which means that maintaining one requires maintaining the second. Also, letting of one will reduce the quality of the other. But, keeping those two in a positive balance with a little help is not that difficult.

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